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Self-Sabotage - Meeting Topic for July 30, 2021

We all can relate...the diet we finally are ready to stick to, every years resolution that fizzles by Valentines Day, etc. It is the human condition, to set high expectations and loose motivation to finish or heck, to even begin. This is what self-sabotage looks like in a mild form, but what about in more serious situations? What about when a woman decides she wants to leave her abusive husband or partner? What happens when a Narcissist decides that they don't want you talking to your friends anymore? What happens when your desire to quit drinking results in a night of binge drinking that leads to a DUI? This is when our self-sabotaging behaviors are out of control. We can become trapped in the cycle and the way out is grim and so far out of reach, it seems next to impossible to get out of your own way.

As a recovering addict and codependent, I can say that self-sabotage led me to staying in a very unhealthy relationship with an ex spouse for nearly 20 years and one of my worst long-term relationships with alcohol that was the last vice I had to let go of. This process is far from a cake walk. The meeting finally gave us some useful knowledge about WHY it is so hard...the brain plays a huge factor in the drudgery of changing our behavior. Essentially, the human brain is made to conserve its resources so we can access it when needed. It will highly side with the path of least resistance over a "NEW" and "HEALTHIER" way every time. Whew...that feels good to know that its a physiological process that is NOT helping me to stay motivated. This doesn't mean we are totally off the hook, we do have some serious responsibility when it comes to owning our part. Life will not get going into a new direction without a strict focus on what matters, planning for slow and consistent changes, setting ourselves up to SUCCEED instead of fail.

The meeting slide presentation/recap is posted on our Members Only Video Section. We have this section simply because if you want access to the meeting info, you can come for free to the meetings every Friday....or you can help support our Group by making a donation...every little bit helps.

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