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The ACA Program

ACA was added to the support groups for Women Empowering Women in September of 2021. The program offers members and valuable resources for those from dysfunctional families with or without alcohol or addiction present. The program focuses on the behavior patterns that we have carried over from childhood to survive and stay safe in our family of origin. This is NOT a program to blame the parents or our caregivers; it is, in fact, a program that provides a safe space for us to honor our past experiences and heal the inner child wounds we have carried. This is a trauma-informed meeting, and if significant trauma is in your history and or you find the program is to triggering for you, you should consider seeking a counselor to help you work the program in addition to a sponsor and your community within ACA. 

We have also added a GROUP STEP MEETING (cosponsoring each other) as a way to work your steps with a small group and have one on one support through the process. We start with step one and work together slowly through the program at a pace the group will set. Once we get to step three, the meeting will close to members who have not attended, and we hope to have another group start at that time. 


Tuesday Night ACA Step Group

The WEW ACA Tuesday Night Group is for women seeking sponsors who want to work their steps. We are a group of women working the step together for the first time...TOGETHER. We will become the first graduates...and the first group of potential sponsors for ACA (if we choose to be). This process will go slow to support and encourage each other. We will buddy up and start with step one. If you have any questions, contact referencing ACA Step Group. 

Currently, we are using the step materials from the workbook. You can attend without material, but working your steps will require the workbook and BRB. A link to purchase material is on our main page at (homepage) or directly to

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