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Self-love is one of the key elements that help us have a healthy life.

Loving someone else is generally not a hard thing for humans to do, however, loving ourselves is a totally different issue all together. What happens when we haven't shown ourselves love in so long we forgot HOW to do it? What if we have never felt loved in our life, yet many people have told us they love us but that means we only know what others have done and labeled as "love"? These are questions we asked within our first Self-Love Next Step Meeting.

Self-love is one of the key elements that help us have a healthy life. By nurturing our inner strengths and values, we grow in self-esteem and become better versions of ourselves. True love aka. unconditional love, cannot coexist within a person that is devoid of the love of the self.

A life chasing the approval of others, constantly attempting to achieve success so as to deserve self-love, comparing ourselves to others, attempting to people please by becoming and doing everything others want, will leave you feeling depleted and exhausted.

The way we show love to ourselves is how we show others how to love us. If we are not showing up for our own needs, we are incapable of receiving love from others. The piece we find missing in most of us is the lack of worth...

We are ALL INHERENTLY WORTHY. We may not know what our worth looks like or what it would feel like to be filled with self-worth and self-love. What I can tell you is we all have it, it doesn't suddenly leave your body because you haven't seen or experienced it.

Simply coming to a place in this moment or in the future where you can say, "I know I am inherently worthy and that does not change regardless of what I say or do. I haven't seen my worth, nor do I know what it feels like yet, but I am working to find a light bright enough to guide me through the process of finding it, and I WILL."

Want more SELFLOVE? Join us at our Friday Night Next Step Meetings....wanna catch up with our meetings or did you accidentally miss this one? No fears....I have posted the presentations of the material we covered in our members only section on this website. If you have any issues with access simply email me at

In Service,

Kimberly Sprintz, Founder & President

Women Empowering Women Support Groups

Facilitator for Next Step, CoDA & ACA

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