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Private Online Workshop for Couples and Individuals "Hard Conversations" in Intimate Relationships

Husband and Wife Team, Michael and Kimberly Sprintz will be hosting this online event monthly for individuals and couples that seek to learn how to have those uncomfortable and hard conversations with our partners. Practice healthy communication techniques and share with others in a safe and private format where we use Authentic Relating techniques, practice "holding space", expressing our needs and desires, learning how to "actively listen", how to say NO in a loving way, learn to be more empathetic to your partner. We will discuss many topics relevant to our group[ and use break out rooms to create containers for discussions so all participants feel safe and comfortable. Lets practice these healthy skills and end 2020 on a sex positive and pleasurable note, and have healthy and more gratifying relationships moving into the next year. We look forward to working with you all. NOTE: This is an All INCLUSIVE Workshop for ALL Orientations and Identifications.

Most of you know that I am in school to become an Licensed Therapist and Sexologist. WHY Sexologist? Well its easy, through my recovery process I found that in order to fully work through my trauma, I had to address what traditional therapy did not focus intimate relationships and particularly my sexual relationships. I had sexual trauma all my life and this created a coping mechanism that was compulsive, "disassociation". I would leave my body and that prevented me from experiencing healthy intimacy and was dangerous because I could not hold boundaries. Through my discovery process, I sought the help of many practitioners and learned valuable tools and skills. I found that I am passionate to not only become a counselor but to help others work through their trauma so they can enjoy healthy intimacy and relationships in and out of the bedroom. Learning to become healthy and having healthy relationships should not exclude our intimate ones! The majority of our internalized shame whether addressed or still held secretly, is the ultimate form of self harm. Ignoring this part of our life is not nor should not be overlooked just because of our fear, just because sharing this with others is uncomfortable and hard to do. That is why we are holding this group meeting, and why we are passionate to share the tools we have learned with others so EVERYONE can enjoy healthy intimacy which we are ALL inherently worthy of.

We met Dr. Hazel Grace Yates at our annual pilgrimage to Burning Man in 2019. It was there that I experienced the most profound healing in my life, processing the pain from my abuse both sexual, emotional and physical. I learned that she had infinite resources and was dedicated on ending the Universal Shame that plagues us all.

A bit of info on my husband, he is in recovery from addiction and codependency, he has been sober for 19 years. He is a facilitator like myself, for an a Men Only CoDA group every Monday Night 7-8 PM. He is also a triple board certified Physician in Pain and Addiction as well as Anesthesiology. He is a National Speaker for Pain and Addiction and one of the healthiest men I know. He shares his experience, strength and hope to his friends and family, patients and sponsees. Together we are passionate to help others seeking to have healthy lives and relationships.

The link to this workshop will be posted the week of the event and a button will be added to use as a direct portal to the event. Please share it with those you love, anyone that you know would benefit from learning these skills. It is free and ALL are welcome to attend.

This workshop is important to both Mike and I and is part of our facilitation training with Dr. Hazel Grace Yates in Sex Catalyst Academy...we look forward to sharing what we learn from this amazing professional and her 18 years of experience as an educator and sex coach.

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