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Our Next Step Intentions

  • We aim for Collective & Individual Interdependence. 

  • We do not judge, shame, or attempt to control others.

  • We support healthy boundaries and provide information & resources to our members.

  • We are working to become healthier individuals and know we are worthy of love and happiness.

  • We attempt to have and maintain healthy relationships.

  • We support each other as we determine our NEXT STEP in our journey toward a life of authenticity.

  • We hold space for each other in our private online meetings and workshops.

  • We forge relationships with other members who have similar interests and hobbies.

  • We give back to the community by providing resources and information and reaching out to see what is needed.

  • We contribute to this group and share what works for us.

  • We build each other up and resist the urge to compare ourselves to other members.

  • We understand that we are one of a kind and celebrate our differences.

  • We honor our consent to receive and only give advice when asked.  

  • We honor our Yes and celebrate our NOs.

  • We are not obligated to support this community financially.

  • We agree that contributions sustain our group and are appreciated when you can.

  • We place self-care above obligations and realize it's essential to maintain a healthy life.

  • We know that perfectionism destroys a healthy life and resist engaging in it.

  • We strive to stay present in our daily life by engaging instead of avoiding.

  • We speak of religion, politics, race, sexual orientation, etc., ONLY when consented by all within the confines of that specific discussion. 

  • We give back to our local communities and encourage sharing about it.

  • We honor a person's consent, and people's names should not be used without their approval; what we share in meetings is confidential unless approved otherwise. Confidentiality keeps us safe. 

  • We invite anyone who would benefit from our group to join by accessing this site or Social Media and Meetings.

  • We are not obligated to attend meetings or do anything we do not "consent" to...we celebrate our NOs.

  • We are growing and becoming the group you need us to be. This is a labor of love for us, and we need support from other women in and outside this group to sustain us as a resource and community. 

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