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Happy Holidays from Kimberly

It is hard to believe this #year is wrapping up, and focusing on being with our friends and #family before the new year begins. I want to hold space for those who are going through the #holidays alone this year or cannot be with family for many reasons, meaning that those within this group may be #struggling and anything but joyful; my heart goes out to you and to consider #reaching #out to others if possible even if by phone or zoom, even through our Facebook page. Check out our previous blog post on navigating the holidays and our sister site for more group meetings

We can all agree that the holidays can be stressful, regardless of the circumstances.

People ask me if I make new year's #resolutions, but I do not. I feel it sets me up to fail, which is counterproductive to being kind to myself and overshooting the mark, as they say. Instead, I look back over the year to find things that worked out well, some that didn't, something I wanted to get done and didn't, and #prioritize my list of things I would like to get done for #2023. The difference is I have the context and have modified my list by urgency. This is also how I conduct my business and school issues, prioritize, and you know that means SELF-CARE time. If I fail to leave room in my day for self-care, nothing is #accomplished with my best frame of mind, #attention to detail, or good #attitude. This also adds up to create negative consequences, and that is NOT on my list for 2023.

If I fail to leave room in my day for self-care, nothing is accomplished with my best frame of mind, attention to detail, or good attitude.

I want to urge you to be kind to yourself as you navigate the holidays, take #time out to self-care, ask for help, assign things to someone else when you know they can be, and never forget it is okay to set #boundaries with others and with ourselves. People may not like them, and even we may not, but they exist to make our lives #manageable and give us room to be our #best selves.

Congratulations to Dane, a founding member and faciliator, for starting two new weekly codependency support groups for people of color.

Lastly, I need feedback on what meeting #topics and #focus you would like to hear, more extensive workshops, and what you want to see because others will undoubtedly agree! If you're going to lead a meeting for #Next #Step, let me know, reach out, and we will get started making sure you are successful; that is always the goal! We have two new #meetings for #women #of #color, support groups for codependency, and a second for co-ed attendees. This is an excellent example for our community; if it matters to you, it matters to us. We are here to help you make the #impact and #change in the world you want to make. If you have found #resources for our website, please email them to, and we will make sure they are posted; if you have community and state, local resources, others need to know... let's work #together and get our resource pages filled. We will have a meeting to discuss directions and how to add to our board, expand our group, and reach more women in need of #community and support; the meeting will be posted on our homepage when a date is set.

Women Empowering Women Support Groups cannot continue without YOU.

The one thing that will never change for our community is a desire for everyone to find their #authentic selves,#life, #purpose, and #happiness! Here is to a #beautiful new year filled with all the people and things that create #love in your life. Those are the things that make every day worth living.

With love, thanks, and best wishes for 2023,

Kimberly Sprintz, Founder & Co-Director

Women Empowering Women Support Groups

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