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Healing is….not fun.

If you are in therapy, trying to selfcare, practicing introspection, working the steps in a recovery program, practicing meditation and a multitude of other methods, they all share a common goal to create a healthier and happier life. At the same time they contradictorily create opposite experiences that become a daily struggle and can be overwhelming. Healing comes from many unique paths but rarely occurs without loss, pain, irritation, and change! As women change, others may feel like we no longer care about because we set boundaries. We may be labeled selfish because make time for selfcare. I share in our meetings how I experienced “healthy” as being uncomfortable and triggering for many years.

When we become ready to do the hard work of healing ourselves it’s imperative to be educated on what to expect and prepare so we avoid self sabotaging.

Feel free to comment below with your thoughts and struggles you have faced while healing. I am working on our next Next Step Meeting for October and these issues will be included within the topic. With Love- Kimberly

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