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Familiarity: a home for old patterns.

Familiarity is a killer of growth and the evolution towards our best life. A good way to check in with yourself is simply to ask, “Am I comfortable in my life right now?” and, “Are those closest to me growing or are they stagnant or complacent?” - Being honest with yourself is hard but becomes much easier as you practice checking in with yourself. many of us run on autopilot and get comfortable with the familiar so much we prevent ourselves from having new experiences, from attaining success, from having relationships with new people, connecting closer to those in our life, avoid changing jobs, etc. We are products of the company we keep so if you are around people who don’t want to grow, don’t seek growth, don’t like to be questioned, are harsh or judgemental, and you tolerate them because the fear of being without them is a main reason you don’t want to change…then you can address the problem. Yes, we are sometimes the problem and we can hinder our lives by telling ourselves stories that are untrue, and by over valuing comfort and confusing it with happiness. A happy life isn’t free from struggle, sorrow, and all the other aspects of being human, it just means we know life can continue to be loved and enjoyed despite the challenges that come along and accept we cannot control everything. It takes practice, but you can have serenity in the midst of uncertainty. Remember; “Be where your feet are!” Show up for yourself and be kind to you!! In Service, Kimberly Sprintz #worthy #growth #growthmindset #positivevibes #familarity #familaritybreedscontempt #nextstepwew #womensupportingwomen #womenempoweringwomen #supportgroups

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