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Are you in a toxic relationship with your job, role, or profession?

"If your job is costing your mental health, your passion, your relationships, your physical health, the spark inside of you, the things that make you who you are, it's too expensive" - Julie B. Santiago

This is a true statement - BUT what about those of us who cannot afford to quit our jobs? Maybe we have barriers to a better role or situations outside of our control that make it impossible! My favorite question for myself is: “Is what I am telling myself accurate?” The answer is normally, NO"

So consider asking yourself the following questions, and perhaps answering them may shed light on possible solutions:

🧐How can I do my daily work routine in a healthier way?

😩Am I taking on too much after work that adds to my stress?

🤨Is there something I can delegate or take out of my schedule completely?

🤩What would I be doing if I had the opportunity?

🤨Have I looked at everything available to rule it out or am I telling myself it’s too hard?

These may not work, sometimes the best we can do is make it through the day (and that’s okay). When you have a clear moment check in with yourself and at the least make sure you eat, drink lots of water, and move your body (dance, shake, walk, seriously no one has to run a marathon or be athletes but our bodies need movement).

I hope this post inspires you to look at life from a different angle and take the time to care for yourself and your needs. As women we tend to over care for others and under care for ourselves. Think of what life would look like to have the care you give to others??? Hmmmmm yeah better right?

Have a great humpday ❤️

In Service, Kimberly

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