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The Next Step is a FREE, non-recovery-based, online support group exclusively for women of all ages and those who identify as female (non-binary welcome). 


Do you want healthier relationships with yourself and others?


Are you looking to address dysfunctional issues and coping skills like setting boundaries?  

Do you need a supportive community of women who encourage each other? 


  The monthly meetings include a topic discussion, supplemental materials, group discussion, and open share time.

  Get support and encouragement from a community of women.

You are not alone.

Join our next meeting 
June 28, 2024

6 pm-7:30 pm Central Time
7 pm-8:30 pm Eastern Time
4 pm- 5:30 pm Pacific Time

Women Empowering Women Support Groups
"The Next Step"

If you need 12-step online meetings, we offer ACA and CoDA meetings online for women.

See for meeting days and times.

Women Empowering Women Support Groups
Beyond the Next Step

Girl Power

We came together...

In 2020, when so many were craving human connection, the Women Empowering Women CoDA Group began online Zoom meetings multiple times a week, leading members with a desire to learn about a broader scope of topics that were outside of our original programs (twelve-step). We became allies, and our mutual care for each other and trust as a group were established. We embraced anyone who came into our "zoom womb" and knew those who felt at home would stay, and others would go, which was okay. We formally became a community in May 2020, and The Next Step was born. Our community has grown exponentially and now has members spanning the globe.

We are a Non-Profit

Women Empowering Women Support Groups is a separate Texas non-profit group that helps women find resources for various needs posted on our web page for easy access. The support groups extend the resources we offer to build a community of women through Zoom support groups and in-person meetings nationwide. Many groups are recovery-based and meet members' needs, looking for supportive and safe environments online. Although we provide resources and links for women, we do not support them through funding, nor are we connected with the groups other than some members who attend them and want others to have access. We WELCOME donations; it is the only way we can operate and maintain our website. We plan to expand our work, and we welcome sponsors for events, co-created workshops, and fundraisers for the support and empowerment of women. We need each other to show up with a donation or offer service for meetings, host leadership training, etc. 

Our founder created a psycho-educational group called the "Next Step" for women only and is not affiliated with any other support group or twelve-step program. This group provides a safe place for women to unite and support each other to create healthier and happier lives. Many women need a safe place to share and learn about relevant topics. We attempt to maintain inclusivity whenever possible due to our requirement for members to identify as female. We come together in numerous ways: social media platforms, weekly online meetings, workshops, and through our app. There is no rule on how you choose to participate in the community.

We like to say that our members are COLLECTIVELY BECOMING; we decide what our next steps should be, and where they lead is limited by what we feel is best for us or, in some cases, what holds us back. 

What is the Next Step?

What do we have in common that sets us apart?

From our founder:

headshot 2020.jpg

I am honored to be the Founder & Director of Women Empowering Women Support Groups. Our members are outstanding individuals who support each other. I started Women Empowering Women as an in-person 12-step group in 2014. People expressed their desire to come together and learn about other important topics or dive deeper into topics we discuss, like healthy relationships. This meant a group was needed and could not be a twelve-step. In May 2020, I took the "next step" to create our meeting called The Next Step. Our online women-only support group offers other online resources, including other meetings, events, and care support. The meeting allows us to connect as a community, similar to in-person meetings.

Kimberly Sprintz

As a woman with a history of trauma, abuse, addiction, and neurodiversity, my life could have ended on many occasions. My final abusive relationship ended in 2014, and through the process, it spotlighted my issues (addiction, trauma, etc.). I was privileged to have access to the resources I needed to recover, and that process is ongoing. I know that people deserve access to the proper care they need. I advocate for those individuals with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, as a Graduate Student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and a member of the American Counseling Association, American Psychological Association, Psi Chi, and Chi Sigma Iota; it is a personal and professional necessity. I want to LIVE life, not merely survive it. I discovered a fire within me to help other women who struggle as I once did. Through this journey, I found my worth and reclaimed my power. I am enjoying the consequences of my decision to change the trajectory of my life. 

I  share my knowledge and speak from my experience in meetings and outside speaking engagements. I regularly add information to the site, teach workshops, host meetings, conduct webinars, etc. Sharing my knowledge is something I feel called to do. People need and deserve a foundational understanding of relationships, communication, and healthcare, including mental health, so they develop personal agency to care for their well-being. Self-care should be the first thing we learn before doing anything else. Mental health should not be held hostage by those in power or the few with access to it.

People ask me why I only accept donations rather than charge for the meetings, which are mini-workshops, and I answer..."If I have information that can make life meaningful for others. If I know this information can empower them to do it for themselves, I am simply returning what was already theirs. I will not charge someone for that." I have learned in my recovery that we are ALL INHERENTLY WORTHY. We are equally worthy of being loved and respected, so we should have access to the education and tools required to establish and maintain a healthy life. I did not learn these skills until I was in my forties, which is unacceptable, and I am not alone. Many of our members could not learn about boundaries or how to hold them in their lives before they attended our support groups; this is just one example of how this group can make a difference. This information should be free for public consumption, and I intend to make that happen for this community and beyond. 


We have done something magnificent when we teach others how to advocate for themselves, care for themselves, see beyond their traumas and pain, and see past the shame the world tries to inflict upon them. Giving people access to the fundamental components needed to be healthy in mind and body unlocks their most extraordinary possibilities. 

This passion project is becoming more beautiful every day with each new member. I would be honored to hear from you if you have questions, feedback, or suggestions and are considering playing an active role in whatever capacity resonates with you; there is room for you to change lives.

ALL of YOU (the mess, the joy, the pain) are welcome here.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our meetings. You can also get a better feel for our group on Facebook. 

With Appreciation, Gratitude, & Love,


Kimberly Sprintz

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