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About Our Group For Women

Our group is for ALL WOMEN who are in other 12 - step programs or in recovery, who are seeking additional resources in an effort to further our growth and encourage other women to do the same. 


We do not recover alone, we take responsibility for our recovery and part of that means, we find support and resources so we make our lives and the lives of others better as well. Through sharing our experience, strength, and hope with others we continue to loving guide those seeking to find what we have found, and continue to discover. 

This group seeks to consistently supply our members with up to date, accurate information on a variety of topics relevant to group.  Many of us have no funds to seek outside counselors, or professional support. This group seeks to attempt to connect you with those resources that are available, and provide you with study material, video, and group meetings so you can continue your growth.

We are not DEPENDENT on each other we are INTERDEPENDENT. May you find a network of support, material that you need, and to quote our CODA program, continue to live "PRECIOUS AND FREE"! 

Kimberly Sprintz, Founder & Group Leader





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