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"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.
Tiptoe if you must, but take a step."

- Naeem Callaway

More Meetings and Workshops

If you are a women seeking online 12-Step Meeting Options this is a link to several you may find interesting and that suit your needs. Currently there are ACA and CoDA meetings online for women only. The link will take you to the home page so you can access the meetings.

Our Next Step Workshop Series is a weekly educational group for women, learn more on our dedicated page via the above button. 

Concludes September 29th.

New Series Will Be Announced Soon.

We became a thing...

In 2020, when so many were craving human connection the Women Empowering Women CoDA Group began online zoom meetings multiple times a week leading members with a desire to learn about a broader scope of topics that were outside of our original program. We became allies and our mutual concern and care for each other was solidified. We established trust as a group and embraced anyone who came into our "zoom womb" and knew those who felt at home would stay and others would go, and that was okay. We formally became a community in May 2020 and The Next Step was born. Our community has grown exponentially and now has members spanning the globe.

We are kind of a BIG DEAL

Women Empowering Women Support Groups is a separate non-profit group that simply helps women find resources via support groups that cater to women only and are accessible online for easy access. Many of the groups are recovery based and meet the needs of those members and visitors in finding supportive and safe environments online for women. Although we provide a resources of links for women we do not support through funding nor are connected with the groups other than some members attend them and want others who are suffering to have access to them. 

To avoid complications related to the Traditions of the Twelve-Step groups, We have created our very own " Next Step" group that is not a recovery group or affiliated with any other, and offers a place for women to come together and support those who seek to create healthier and happier lives. We realize many women simply need a safe place to share and to learn about topics that are relevant in their lives. We attempt to maintain inclusivity whenever possible due our requirement for members to identify as a female. We come together in numerous ways; social media platforms, weekly online meetings, online workshops, through our App...there is no rule of how you choose to take part in the community.

We like to say that our members are COLLECTIVELY BECOMING, we decide what our next steps should be and where they lead is limited by what we feel is best for us or in some cases, what allow to hold us back. 

To Clarify: "Collectively", as an adverb is a group; as a whole.(Citation: Miriam Webster Dictionary [Online]

Collectively Becoming is a term we selected to describe the active evolution of our group and our members individual transformation. We put forth effort to promote the greater good in our lives and in the lives of others. How we do this is to share our knowledge and the lessons we have learned in life authentically. We support each other by co-creating a safe place in which each of us can be seen and heard. This group aims to empower members to become the healthiest and happiest they can be. We are on a journey to decide WHO we are, WHAT we want in our life, WHERE we need to make adjustments and HOW to do it with grace and compassion.  The process we use it share our knowledge & resources, provide educational information that supports and encourages each other, and most importantly, to hold a safe container for those who choose to attend our meetings and webinars. It is our only goal to help each other successfully move on to our next step in life by the simply act of giving members support. 

(Citation: Miriam Webster Dictionary [Online]

Our Intention

For clarification, the following is an ongoing and every changing list of our groups intentions so we may embrace the process of co-creating the culture of  Women Empowering Women Support Groups. 

Our WEW Intentions

  • We share a common goal, to practice interdependence. 

  • We do not judge, shame or attempt to control others.

  • We support healthy boundaries and provide educational information & resources.

  • We are working to become healthier and acknowledge that we are worthy of love and happiness.

  • We desire to have and maintain healthy relationships.

  • We support each other as we determine the NEXT STEP in our journey. 

  • We hold space for each other in our private online meetings, and workshops.

  • We forge relationships with other members sharing similar interests.

  • We give back to the community as a whole by providing resources, information, and reach out to see what is needed.

  • We contribute to this group, and share what works for us.

  • We build each other up and resist the urge to compare ourselves to others.

  • We understand that we are one of a kind and celebrate our differences.

  • We honor our consent to receive and only give advice when we are asked.  

  • We honor our Yes and celebrate our NO's.

  • We are not obligated to financially support this community.

  • We know that individual contributions sustain our group.

  • We place self-care above ALL other obligations and realize its essential to maintain a healthy life.

  • We know perfectionism destroys a healthy life and resist engaging in it.

  • We strive to stay present in our daily life by addressing instead of avoiding.

  • We speak of religion, politics, race, sexual orientation, etc. only when consented by all within the confines of that specific discussion. 

  • We give back to our local communities and encourage sharing about it.

  • We honor a persons consent, peoples names should not be used without their approval, what we share in meetings stay in the meeting unless approved otherwise. Confidentiality keeps us safe. 

  • We invite anyone we feel would benefit from our group to join by accessing this site or Social Media and Meetings.

  • We are not obligated to attend meetings, or do anything that we do not "consent" to.

  • WE ARE NEW...we are growing and becoming the group that YOU need us to be. This is a labor of love for us, we need support from other women in and outside of this group to sustain us as a resource and community. 

From our founder who saw a need...

headshot 2020.jpg

Kimberly Sprintz

I am honored to be the Founder & Director of Women Empowering Women Support Groups. Our members are amazing individuals who support one another in both our individual and collective endeavors. I started with a 12-step group for women and saw a need for women to come together as a supportive community to learn about topics important to them. This meant a group meeting that was not based on a 12-step program. In May of 2020, I took the "next step" to create our very own meeting called "Next Step". We have since created a non-profit in 2021 which is an online resource for women to access online support meetings and other resources, including our very own Next Step Meetings. The meetings give us a place to connect as a community, similar to in person meetings.


As a women with a history of trauma, abuse, addiction, and neurodiversity could have ended my life. My final abusive relationship ended in 2014 which in its severity placed a spotlight on my issues that I could no longer ignore. I had the resources to get the help I needed. I wanted to LIVE life, not merely survive it. I discovered a fire within me to help other women who struggled as I did.


Through this journey, I found my worth and my power. I am enjoying the consequences of my decision to change the trajectory of my life. I have a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and currently working on a Master's of Clinical Psychology and will complete my higher education with my PsyD (Doctorate of Psychology) and  requirements to become a licensed Psychologist.

I have learned so much and continue to share information and valuable tools that people can use in their daily lives. I add information regularly to the site, teach workshops, host meetings, do webinars, etc. I will continue to share what I learn while on my own journey with our community. Sharing knowledge is something I feel a calling to do. People need to know the basics in order to properly attend to our well-being. Self-care should be the first thing we attend to before doing anything else. Healthcare should not be held hostage by those in power or for the few who have access to it. People ask me why I wouldn't charge for the information? I answer..."If I know something that can make others lives more meaningful and will empower them to do what they can for themselves, I am simply returning to them what was theirs all along. I will not charge someone for that." I have learned in my own recovery that we are ALL INHERENTLY WORTHY. That's right, we are each equally worthy of being loved and respected. The challenge for me was that no one who raised me knew that. When we teach others how to advocate for themselves, to care for themselves, to see beyond their traumas and pain, to see past the shame that the world tries to inflict upon them, we have done something truly magnificent. Giving people access to the fundamental components of a what is needed to be healthy in mind and body, unlocks their greatest possibilities and that will be a greater gift to our collective human race. This information should be free for public consumption. I intend to play a role in making that happen for this community and beyond. 

Whether you are parenting for the first time, just starting your adult life, experiencing grief, in bad relationships, divorce, career change, the list is unlimited and you are welcome here. We have members that are starting new groups everyday, if you want to lead a group about something you are passionate about, this can happen! 


There will be many new group meetings to come in our program and our community is so richly diverse, you will be in astounded of the myriad of ways you can change your life for the better. I have learned to show up and do the best I can, honor my needs and stay grounded and faith provides me with abundance to do my part as a leader, a student, a mother, a partner, a friend, and first and foremost as a woman. 

This is my passion project and is becoming more beautiful everyday with each new member. I would be honored to hear from you if you have questions, feedback, suggestions, or would like to play an active role in whatever capacity resonates with you. 

ALL of YOU (the mess, the joy, the pain) is welcome here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing you at one of our meetings. You can also get a better feel of our group on Facebook. 


Welcome to YOUR community!


With Love, Appreciation & Gratitude,


Kimberly Sprintz

What we are blogging about...



We have over 400 members and growing everyday...DO YOU HAVE TALENT (of course you do), we want to show it off...send us what you want to share with the world and we will post it here!

Annette H. - Member who designs these beautiful cards that are inspired by recovery.

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