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When you know who you are…by Tahlia Hunter

When you know who you are

Other people can enter and exit your life

Without it rocking your world

As your foundation is solid and unshakeable

Because you have yourself

When you know who you are

The opinions and judgements of others matter far less

And people can speak words of criticism, unkindness and malice about you

Without it affecting how you feel about yourself

When you know who you are

Other people can reject you or abandon you

Without it changing your identity

Because you know that your destiny is not tied to those who have chosen to leave you

And you feel whole and complete from within

When you know who you are

You appreciate

That putting your happiness and sense of self-worth

In the hands of another person

Is akin to making them your jailor

And remaining locked in a prison

That only they have the key to rescue you from

While liberating yourself

Means taking full responsibility

For your emotions, identity and wellbeing

And setting yourself free

To live and feel however you may choose.

And when you know who you are

Rather than devoting so much time and energy to trying to impress others

Or projecting the fulfillment of your own unmet needs and desires onto them

You choose to prioritize your own needs and wellbeing

And make time for your most important relationship

Which is with yourself.

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