Virtual Intimacy Retreat Invitation July 10-12, 2020

Ladies, I am so excited to let you in on the amazing opportunity that is available for this retreat. First of all, I can not recommend Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates enough. She is my mentor, and more than that, a beautiful human I am so incredible honored to her friend and to have her in my “extended soul” family. I will be posting an interview with her soon because I know that she has helped me so profoundly, it is likely than one or more of you or someone you know could really benefit from her wealth of knowledge. I am studying under her this summer and will be part of a on call support team for this retreat next weekend. This is an amazing opportunity to learn more about sex positive topics from recovery from body shame, trauma, to deeper intimacy, sensuality, addressing your biases around sexuality, sexual identity, and ohhhhhh so much more. This is my PASSION in life, to empower women and men to have healthy lives in and out of the bedroom. Sex is part of our lives because we are HUMAN, so if we have worked so hard to learn how to live healthier lives and have healthy relationships, why would we NOT focus on a healthy relationship with and around SEX??? This retreat is one of MANY opportunities I will be informing you about over the next month and I will be hosting a monthly intimacy group meeting through Sex Catalyst Academy training that I am working on this summer. I will be a certified facilitator for these type of events and workshops...and I plan to be a resource for any of you that are ready to work on this aspect of your life. Its confidential and private, safe and professional, this retreat will be online and there will be so many ways to take part in it...the choice is always up to you. SO, if you are curious...head to our website at for a link to the retreat and for tickets and info. I have also added a link to Dr. Hazel Grace Yates website to learn more about her one on one therapy work, other upcoming events, and more. Contact me if you want to chat, have some questions or concerns. Again, I will be available the whole weekend to offer support as one of many team members that are there for in that role as well.

Have a great weekend ladies....




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