Our Inner Critic....

The inner critic is something that I for one had many issues controlling, and still from time to time have to contend with it. I had been told many times that the inner critic is only one form and in my case was a judgmental and hateful voice that took every chance to belittle me and took joy in my failures. Part of my personal recovery has been to apply boundaries to my inner critic as well as my thoughts, as we are reminded frequently that our most important relationship is with ourselves. So tonight I read from a great article in Psychology Today, about the inner critic and the three forms it has, what their roles are, and how to help it become healthier. I hope you find it useful to read about, you will find the link below my share...

Please share your thoughts and if you have tackled your inner critic, how have you done so? We are hear to inspire and empower each-other...that happens when we share.

Things that work for me:

Write it down....

once I write it down I can later objectively look at what I was telling myself. I can determine what was going on and why I was self harming with my inner critic. This helps me find the pattern in my behavior.

Counter it with POSITIVE STUFF-

I call myself out on the BS and say hold up...that is WRONG...if anything in my head isn’t for my highest and best good its not for me. I can reword a failure as a challenge and instantly it goes from self defeating to something more positive...that is only one example.


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