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NEXT STEP and Women Empowering Women Support Groups

I firmly believe that women coming together to support each other can profoundly impact the world, heal generational trauma, and create a better future. - Kimberly Sprintz

I recall experiencing anger when I finally learned about boundaries and unequal power being a precursor to toxic relationships. Anger, because I knew I missed the opportunity to make better choices for myself. Half of my life had passed before I learned that healthy relationships were possible for me. I was disgusted when faced with the number of people in our country with little or NO access to healthcare, including mental health, perpetuating needless suffering. With my newfound knowledge, I became dedicated to assisting to meet the needs of women in any way I could. How could I do that? I founded the Next Step to provide educational meetings and a supportive community. I add resources to our website so people have the information needed to address issues that negatively impact their quality of life. By recording our meetings, I can provide the content I research and present to our groups as another resource option. This is an ongoing process, and I appreciate you sticking with me as we grow.

As an only child, I always sought friends to fill the void in my life. My codependency prevented me from establishing healthy relationships. Through support groups like CoDA and ACA, I acquired skills to forge and develop a supportive and trustworthy network of friends and family. I found a small "community" made up of my recovery friends, chosen family, and others who encourage my growth and journey in life. I was determined to find a way to bring women together to share their stories and forge meaningful connections.

Today, bringing women together brings joy to my life and a sense of gratitude for the countless people who helped me get where I am today. Women Empowering Women Support Groups is an organization designed to provide free online access to support groups, including twelve-step groups for women only ( and our very own Next Step Group. Through this journey, women have offered their time and expertise in leading groups and working behind the scenes as directors making groups function more productively and planning for our future.

This is an invitation to consider what skill or knowledge you have that could benefit others and that you could present in a meeting format. This could be as a co-host with another established facilitator or me, by yourself running a Next Step Meeting, or provide information for a blog or resources on our website.

WE NEED YOU; we need content. We need those who feel ready to give back to our growing community. Coming together, we can do more!

Thanks to everyone who contributes their time to our community, especially our group leaders and others who work behind the scenes; we are here because of your support.

Kimberly Sprintz, Founder & Director

Women Empowering Women

Support Groups

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