Meeting Topics for 1/29 -2/12 "The Completion Process"

We have been discussing the book, "The Completion Process" for the last three weeks and I wanted to provide an overview of what we have covered thus far and where our final meeting on the topic will bring us.

The book in a nutshell has revealed the concept that due to experiences we have had in our formative years (0-8 yrs old), we have not been able to express fully and authentically our feelings around specific situations and experiences. When we initially attempted to express our feelings they were rejected by our caregivers and or others in our environment so we essentially have disconnected from the feelings. Those incomplete experiences are left in our subconscious and we attempt to complete them however we are destined to repeat only the unhealthy cycles in which they were experienced to begin with, thus setting us on a dysfunctional path that many will never realize can be circumvented.

I have extracted main topics of relevance from the book where we looked at our Repressed Memories and Emotions, The Rejected Self, Subconscious & the Conscious Mind.... we will end the series bringing us to the process of COMPLETION. Through the series I have cross referenced the CODA book, Peeling the Onion to provide us some relevance to our codependency patterns which show that clearly there is some relevance to the concept and that perhaps this would be a useful way of addressing some of our issues in patterns that have continued to occur in our lives.

I mentioned in the last meeting, that I personally found the book helpful because it made many of the things in my past finally make sense. I am one of many that struggled with severe trauma and my recovery is forever ongoing. This book provided me with so much relief I felt it would likely help others do the same. I do have to STRONGLY recommend that if you have had abuse and trauma in your life that you need to find a good therapist to guide you safely through the process. I did not do my recovery alone, professional help along with my sponsor and my CoDA and AA family in addition to a loving family and network of healthy people, I was able to recover. This could be as it was for myself, another piece in the puzzle that finally made everything make sense.

I hope you will join us for the conclusion of The Completion Process on Friday Night 2/19/21.

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