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Healthy Relationships Bootcamp
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About Our Bootcamp
Module One : 9/8/21

The "SELF" Relationship

1) What it Means to be a Woman
2) Positive Inner Dialogue 
3) Developing Ways to feel better
4) Action Plan for Self Esteem
Module Three : 9/22/21


1) Assertive Communication Skills
2) What NOT to say...and why?
3) Discord...yes YOU CAN handle this....
4) The Breakup...when it has to happen and helps give us perspective when we look back at previous relationships.

Module Two: 9/15/21

Building  Relationships

1) Stages of Relationships

2) Boundary Setting

3) Emotional Boundaries 

4) Assertive Language and Communication

Module Four : 9/29/21

The Relationship 

1) Quick Review of Mod Three Homework
2) Pitfalls in Relationships and How to Avoid them.
3) Gottman's Four Horsemen & Gridlock
4) Love Maps and Soft Starts
5) Review of Gottman's Repair List
Modules 1-4
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