Our Story

Our Story

In 2018, I founded Women Empowering Women CODA Group of The Woodlands, the first all Women's CODA group in the Houston area. 

 I started the group because I only felt truly safe to share with other women, due to my history of trauma.   

During the pandemic of 2020,"The NEXT STEP" was born. CoDA is still a HUGE part of my personal life, and recovery and I am still the Director of the CoDA Group. We are limited as to the resources and materials we use in our meetings and is one of many reasons CoDA has stayed healthy as an organization. 

 As women, we saw we had so may similarities in topics of interest. Those commonalities combined with my extensive research and studies on Codependency, Narcissitic Abuse Recovery, Addiction Recovery, and Psychology provided me with a unique opportunity to share my knowledge with others who needed it.

So from one meeting to the next we have co-created this beautiful safe container to share the material and resources I was either taught or found on my journey and have successfully merged mine with that of other strong and amazing women. 


I have a degree in Psychology, and I am a Group Facilitator specializing in Women in Recovery from Trauma, Abuse, Codependency, and Addiction. I am currently working on my Masters Degree and will eventually become an LPC, LCDC. I have 6 years experience as a Sponsor in CoDA. I have gathered well educated and trained women to help our community grow its outreach. Through the pandemic, we have grown substantially to include members across the country. We are an AUTHENTIC group of REAL WOMEN who simply have found our paths cross during one of the most tremendously trying times in our world. We have chosen to use this time for self improvement and to reach others seeking to do the same.


This group attempts to meet the ever changing needs of our members seeking to further their individual and collective growth. It is true that we branched off of our CoDA 12 step program. This group is NOT CODA nor any other 12 step, it is NOT affiliated with any organization or religion.

This group is for ALL WOMEN who seek to have healthy relationships. My goal is to continue to meet the needs of our members in our community by providing resources, share our experience, strength and hope, professional publications, research, outreach programs, counselors, life coaches, sex therapist, etc.


Our Group meets Friday's online, and the link to the meeting is on our home page. The meetings are topic specific each week, the leader speaks on the topic, then the discussions begin followed by individual share time. People can choose to be anonymous or they can have their videos on for the meetings. Participation is NOT required, you can simply call in and listen if you would like. We are a group of women from all ages and walks of life.


Our group honors healthy communication, consent, boundaries, and has a ZERO tolerance policy ABUSE whether verbal, emotional or physical.


We treat everyone as equals because we all deserve to be honored and respected and welcomed in the world. 

This is the beginning for us, we will grow and cultivate a rich resource of information for all of us to share. This website is in its beginning stages, since our group was just born. We HIGHLY recommend following us on Facebook, as we post daily on that platform. We will eventually have a YouTube Page for our Video Series coming in 2021, Instagram, and we are working on our boutique with inspirational and empowering items to help support the community. We need sponsor/ partners to help us grow,



Contact me via email at kimberly@kimberlysprintz.com

Please come back regularly for updated details and resources. 

This is my personal contribution FREE OF CHARGE, to the collective sisterhood of women everywhere, continuing to grow and become better women, our authentic selves, one day at a time. 

With Love and Service - Kimberly Sprintz 



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