Our Story

Our Story

In 2018, I founded Women Empowering Women CODA Group of The Woodlands, TX. It was the first all Women's CODA group in Houston and surrounding areas. I started the group because, as a survivor of abuse, I needed a safe place to share with others who were safe for me. 

In 2020, amidst the pandemic, I created, "The NEXT STEP" for Women. This group is to meet the ever changing needs of our members and other women seeking further growth and information pertaining to issues related to our individual and collective recoveries. We still attend our home meetings, we simply were searching for more...

This group is for ALL WOMEN who seek to have healthy relationships. My goal is to continue to meet the needs of my recovery family and community by; helping provide resources, share our experience, strength and hope, professional publications, research, outreach programs, counselors, life coaches, sex therapist, etc.


Our Group meets on Fridays online, and the link to the meeting is on the main page. The meetings begin in a similar CoDA 12 step fashion, however, the information discussed with not have the restrictions such as cross talk, feedback, advising, etc. We still uphold the principle of not giving unsolicited advice, therefore, a member must request feedback or choose not to. 

This is the beginning for us, we will grow and cultivate a rich resource of information for all of us to share. This website is in its beginning stages, since our group was just born. Please come back regularly for updated details and resources. 

This is my contribution FREE OF CHARGE, to the collective sisterhood of women everywhere, continuing to grow and become better women, our authentic selves, one day at a time. 

With Love and In Service- Kimberly Sprintz 

We are better TOGETHER....

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