Healthy Relationship Bootcamp

This is a 5 week course to help us learn how to have healthy relationships with ourselves and others. Module One begins on February 10 through March 10th.

 The course begins with developing healthier relationships with ourselves, learning what we need and learning what no longer suits us. We will work on our self-esteem, as it is one area that women struggle with in general. Challenging the inner dialogue and learning new ways to selfcare. The final portion of the first module will be setting up an action plan to kickstart our self-esteem skills. 

Module Two will begin our journey at reviewing the stages of relationships, boundary setting including emotional boundaries. A key to setting boundaries is of course, assertive language and we will be practicing that in this module. Communication is so important and we will leave this module working on communication skills. 


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Material will be emailed to you to confirm your spot and you will be provided a link for the zoom session. 



This is being gifted but donations are appreciated 

Module One : 2/10/21

The "SELF" Relationship

1) What it Means to be a Woman
2) Positive Inner Dialogue 
3) Developing Ways to feel better
4) Action Plan for Self Esteem

Module Two: 2/17/21

Building  Relationships

1) Stages of Relationships

2) Boundary Setting

3) Emotional Boundaries 

4) Assertive Language and Communication